Semi Towing

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Semi Towing – Chicagoland & Beyond

Get fast semi towing & recovery across all Chicagoland, Northern & Central Illinois, NW Indiana and beyond. We have the ultimate fleet of heavy duty tow trucks, capable of recovering your big rig from any predicament.

  • 24 Hour Heavy Duty Towing All Chicagoland and Beyond
  • 50 & 60 Ton Rotators
  • Decking/undecking
  • Load shifts and load transfers
  • Air Cushion
  • End loader service
  • Plug-in service
  • Secure storage, secure impound
  • Mobile service calls—24-hour mobile truck repair
  • Recovery (roll-over, water, or ice)
  • Roadside assistance (flat tires, blowouts, break-downs, jump-starts, pull-starts, )
  • Locksmith (lock-outs)
  • Heavy duty tractor trailer repair
  • Site restoration/remediation

Semi Towing – Experienced Drivers

When it comes to semi towing and recovery, the experience of the driver matters. Ours are highly skilled and experienced. To a man, they know how to take control of the situation, provide exacting, safe service and work with the urgency the ordeal demands.


Semi Stuck Under a Bridge? We Can Help

If your semi is stuck under a bridge, we have area best experience, equipment & crew to help you get unstuck.  Our semi towing equipment includes rotators, forklifts and more. Our bridge recovery teams have a ton of experience because this sort of thing happens quite a bit more than it should in Chicagoland. Let us help you take care of this in the safest, quickest, most secure way possible.


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NTTS Preferred Truck Towing & Repair Vendor

Our experienced personnel, the large fleet of well-maintained heavy duty tow trucks and our eagerness to help are just a few of the reasons we’re a highly recommended provider on NTTS, Truckdown and other reputable sites professional truckers turn to when they need assistance with their heavy duty vehicle.